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copper tubing industrial product iconThe industrial market requires superior quality copper tubing in order to ensure optimum operation. Whether it be in mining, engineering or electrical applications, copper is recognised as the ideal material for use in the industrial sector. Since this market consists of South Africa’s most prominent and crucial industries, it cannot afford to be let down by inferior products that result in stand stills, lost productivity and ultimately – lost profits. That’s where Copper Tubing Africa comes in! CTA is recognised as one of the only manufacturers of rectangular and square copper tubing in this space.

Our commitment to quality, extensive technical knowledge and experience in manufacturing copper tubing allow us to serve the industrial sector and meet stringent requirements. In the harsh and often extreme conditions of the African landscape, our products prove their worth in a wide range of applications. Copper is able to withstand high temperatures and pressure ratings that many other materials simply can’t. Many of our tubes have been in place for well over a decade and are still performing well to this day.

At CTA, we have the capabilities and capacity to produce round, triangular, hex and oval copper tubing. Contact us today to talk to a CTA representative and learn more

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