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Copper Tubing Africa is one of the leading dedicated copper manufacturers, producing quality tubes for a variety of applications, including those found in the refrigeration market. When it comes to storing items meant for consumption, one can never be too careful. Even though the contents of fridges and freezers never get exposed to the gasses that keep it cool, it is still imperative to have a material that is safe and reliable.

Copper tubing can withstand extreme temperatures and pressures without failing, and does not promote the growth of bacteria or contaminants, all contributing to the safest option when it comes to refrigeration.

At CTA, we produce a range of standard, straight length tubing which is readily available. We are also able to produce specific shapes and sizes if required.

copper tubing green cap pipes


Identification: Individual Green end-caps.

Hard drawn condition

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R22 Refrigeration Tube (5,5m straight lengths)

REF 6.355.5 Meters0.490.57mm
REF 9.535.5 Meters0.810.57mm
REF 12.705.5 Meters1.130.61mm
REF 15.885.5 Meters1.630.71mm
REF 19.055.5 Meters1.930.71mm
REF 22.235.5 Meters2.630.81mm
REF 28.585.5 Meters3.880.91mm
REF 34.935.5 Meters5.361.02mm
REF 41.285.5 Meters7.461.22mm
REF 53.985.5 Meters11.531.42mm
REF 66.685.5 Meters16.311.63mm
REF 79.385.5 Meters21.241.78mm
REF 92.085.5 Meters28.112.03mm
REF 104.785.5 Meters37.942.41mm

CO2 Refrigeration tube (5,5m Straight lengths)

Co2 6.355.5 Meters0.760.91mm
Co2 9.535.5 Meters1.210.91mm
Co2 12.705.5 Meters1.650.91mm
Co2 15.885.5 Meters2.331.02mm
Co2 19.055.5 Meters3.291.20mm
Co2 22.235.5 Meters4.181.30mm
Co2 28.585.5 Meters7.031.70mm
Co2 34.935.5 Meters11.272.20mm

R410a Refrigeration tube (5,5m Straight lengths)

CodeSize (Inch)DescriptionWeightWall
R410    6.35¼"5.5 Meters0.7610.91mm
R410    9.533/8”5.5 Meters1.2060.91mm
R410  12.70½”5.5 Meters1.6500.91mm
R410    15.885/8”5.5 Meters2.0950.91mm
R410    19.05¾”5.5 Meters2.5390.91mm
R410    22.237/8”5.5 Meters2.9840.91mm
R410    28.581 1/8”5.5 Meters5.1331.22mm
R410    34.931 3/8”5.5 Meters6.3241.22mm
R410    41.281 5/8”5.5 Meters7.5161.22mm

Others available on request

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