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Modern medical equipment carries with it the absolute strictest requirements so as not to jeopardise the health and safety of patients and medical practitioners. Copper and its alloys offer outstanding benefits for this industry, the primary of which include its biostatic and non-permeable properties. Beyond these benefits, liquids and fuels cannot penetrate copper tube walls and slime build up doesn’t occur.

It has been proven that copper is able to kill off harmful bacteria. In fact, laboratory tests have demonstrated that copper is effective against a number of disease-causing bacteria. 99% of MRSA, the hospital acquired “superbug”, is killed within minutes of being exposed to copper.

CTA’s medical grade tubes conform to the medical specification, SABS 1453-1988: Copper Tubes for Medical Gas and Vacuum Services. We manufacture these tubes in various sizes ranging from 5/16” to 2”. In the half hard condition, we manufacture tube sizes from 5/16” to 7/8” and 1” to 2” in the hard condition.

Before being released for use in the medical industry, all the tubes we manufacture are thoroughly cleaned using a chemical process. Thereafter, we use a mechanical method to ensure that all impurities are removed, making it safe for medical usage.

copper tubing orange cap pipesCTA MEDICAL GRADE RANGE (5,5m straight lengths)

Identification: Individual red end-caps.

High Pressure

Half Hard & Hard Drawn Condition

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Tube SizeTheoretical MassMaximum Working Pressure
(mm) o.d.(In.)“Wall
7.94HP (HD)5/16”1.631.582295.62
15.88HP (HD)5/8”3.256.312294.71
22.23HP (HD)1”3.259.490210.53
25.40HP (HD)1”3.2511.070184.25

Tube SizeTheoretical MassMaximum Working Pressure
(mm) o.d.(In.)“Wall
6.35 (HH)1/4”


9.53 (HH)3/8”0.710.92482.0
12.70 (HH)1/2”0.851.50065.8
15.88 (HH)5/8”0.811.91056.1
19.05 (HH)3/4"0.892.39051.4
22.23 (HH)7/8”1.023.25150.5
28.58 (HD)1 1/8”1.024.18751.39
35.93 (HD)1 3/8”1.226.15750.29
41.28 (HD)1 5/8”1.408.21648.84
53.98 (HD)2 1/8”1.6512.28044.02