Copper Tubing Africa is a leading manufacturer of copper tubing in sub-Saharan Africa. Our commitment to quality, extensive technical knowledge and vast experience in the manufacturing of copper tubing allows for Copper Tubing Africa to manufacture and supply copper tubing products of superior quality for use in various applications and industries.


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Copper Tubing Africa manufactures and supplies a range of products that offer incredible value to the domestic market. Our thin fit-to-purpose copper tubing products can be used for a variety of domestic plumbing applications.

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Copper Tubing Africa is a leading dedicated copper manufacturer that produces superior quality tubes for use in the refrigeration market to ensure the materials used in this application is safe, durable and reliable.

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Copper and its alloys offer outstanding benefits to the medical industry such as biostatic and non-permeable properties to ensure that there is no compromise to the health and safety of patients and medical practitioners.

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The industrial market requires superior quality copper tubing in order to ensure optimum operation. Whether for use in mining, engineering or electrical applications, copper is the ideal material for use in the industrial sector.

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