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As a leading manufacturer and supplier of copper fittings and tube in South Africa, Copper Tubing Africa guarantees superior performance of our copper fittings for your plumbing needs. Copper tubes and fittings are an excellent choice for your plumbing as the copper has superb thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, and is remarkably durable.

It is important to make use of a single material throughout the entire mechanical system and therefore using copper fittings with copper tube makes for performance you can rely on every time.

All of our fittings are thoroughly tested to ensure absolute quality and durability.


Compression Fittings

Compression fittings are popular because they do not require soldering, so they are comparatively quick and easy to use. They require no special tools or skills to operate. They work at higher pressures and with toxic gases.

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Making a compression Joint

Copper Tube can be cut with a hacksaw: a fine toothed blade is best, or use a tube cutter. Do not use too much pressure on the cutting disk.

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Capillary Fittings

The most common method of joining copper tube is with the use of a socket-type, copper or copper alloy capillary fitting into which the tube sections are inserted and fastened by means of a filler metal, using either a soldering or brazing process.

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Capillary Solder System

Since the introduction of thin-walled copper tubes in the early eighties, this method of joining copper tubes has become the most widely used. This has been due to several factors:

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