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Copper Tubing Africa is known for delivering superior quality copper tubes to the South African market. Not only do we implement the ISO9001 quality management system, our products also proudly carry the SABS mark of approval. Copper is a versatile material that carries a host of benefits, making it a viable alternative over many other materials in an array of applications. These benefits are what originally made us decide to use it in the manufacture of lugs and ferrules when we were still an engineering company over 5 decades ago. It also led us to build our own copper manufacturing machine and eventually start supplying copper tubes to the market.



copper tubing domestic product iconThe domestic plumbing market needs quality piping to ensure the health and safety of occupants while also being reliable. That’s where copper tubing comes in.

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copper tubing refrigeration product iconCopper is durable, safe and reliable, making it the ideal solution for use in refrigeration. CTA produces a range of copper tubing for use in fridges and freezers.

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copper tubing medical product iconCopper is ideal for use in medical applications because of its ability to hinder bacterial growth and the fact that it does not absorb organic materials or contaminants.

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copper tubing industrial product iconCTA is one of the only manufacturers that is able to produce square and rectangular profiled tubing for the industrial market in sub-Saharan Africa.

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copper tubing antimicrobial product iconCTA produces a range of fit-for-purpose products that leverage the anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties of copper for use in a variety of applications.

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