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Introducing revolutionary antimicrobial technology: the CuPedis bathroom mat

The CuPedis Bathroom Mat, made from antimicrobial copper which is composed of several copper-alloys, is designed to be more than just an aesthetically pleasing bathroom accessory - it is flexible in its properties allowing it to be used inside and outside the shower and outside of the bath. The practical design of the mat including the fine ridges on the surface provide a safe and steady surface for the user while gently massaging the feet to ease away tensions and aches.

Ensuring all bases are covered, the contoured channels on the slats easily drain off any soap and water preventing an unpleasant build-up of soap scum as well as any structural damage to the mat which is often seen in wooden shower mats. The design and aesthetics of the CuPedis bathmat is complemented with the health benefits traditionally associated with copper.

In addition, the CuPedis Bathroom Mat is pivotal in preventing the spread of many hygiene issues across a wide range of environments (Medical, Sports Facilities and Hotels & Guest Houses). Perhaps one of the most common problems associated with foot health is athlete’s foot which can be easily treated with the use of a CuPedis Bathroom Mat, which immediately neutralises and kills fungal spores on contact.

According to Copper Tubing Africa MD, Mr. Mark Wynn “the development of CuPedis is part of our plan to promote the health benefits of copper while positioning CTA as leaders in sustainable product innovation.” He added that during its inaugural stage, the CuPedis mat was requested to be exhibited at international health shows hosted in Germany and Italy.

“The CuPedis mat also carries the international Copper Alliance certification symbol for Antimicrobial Copper giving it the necessary credibility to tap into a variety of markets including hospitals and hotels amongst others,” Wynn concluded.