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Copper Tubing Africa understands that having the confidence to be able to specify and install copper tube products is an essential part of a plumber’s day-to-day job, and therefore, we are pleased to be offering a FREE plumbers training course, designed to equip plumbing professionals with extensive skills for domestic applications.


Why should you attend?

Whether you are a novice plumber just getting started, an experienced plumber looking to improve or already working in the Plumbing industry, we believe CTA’s training will be of immense value to you.


Our training programme consists of three stages:


  • BASIC: Bronze Certificate [15 mm to 35mm] course
  • INTERMEDIATE: Silver Certificate [15mm to 54mm] course
  • ADVANCED: Gold Certificate [76mm to 108mm] course

 Only upon completion of the first stage can you move to the next one, until you reach the Gold Certificate course.


Our courses use a simple step by step approach with hands-on training to ensure that professionals operating within the plumbing industries fully understand copper tubing and its uses in copper plumbing applications.


Not convinced? Here’s what some plumbing professionals, who attended our first training course, had to say:


“My highlight of the training session was learning about the soldering of copper pipes, how they must be cleaned and use of soldering wire using a plumber’s ruler” - Seetelo Simon Aukhweng

My highlight was the practical application and testing of the joint that we soldered”- Evan Jack

“This training course will give me a more professional approach to copper and joining techniques” – Steve Roos

"This course has given me the push to be more efficient and effective” – Rowland Dicks


Our next BRONZE training course takes place on 13 November in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Click here for more information for more information