CTA launches Plumbers’ Portal

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Copper Tubing Africa is excited to announce the immediate availability of a new online Plumbers’ Portal – a support system designed to provide plumbers with industry-leading expertise and in-depth knowledge of our copper tubing products and their uses in plumbing applications.


This platform, which promises to help plumbers become more skilled and efficient professionals, includes technical information pertinent to best practice installations, such as selecting the right tube for the job, technical specifications, jointing techniques, pressure ratings, testing methods, etc.

In addition, users can find all they need to know about our comprehensive training courses for plumbers on this easy-to-use feature. Our training programme includes a BASIC: Bronze Certificate [15 mm to 35mm] course, INTERMEDIATE: Silver Certificate [15mm to 54mm] course and lastly, an ADVANCED: Gold Certificate [76mm to 108mm] course.

Furthermore, the Plumbers’ Portal has a ‘blog’ section, which means you can stay up to date on the latest plumbing news, key articles, industry tips and more.

Copper Tubing Africa invites you to visit the Plumbers’ Portal and welcomes any comments that could help improve the support offering further.