Plumblink’s 3rd Annual Supplier Award Evening

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On Thursday the 23rd of October Plumblink hosted their 3rd annual Plumblink Suppliers Award Evening. The event took place at The Private Room in Kyalami where no less than 30 key suppliers to the company enjoyed an evening of networking, excellent food and a chance to see some old industry friends and acquaintances.

The evening kicked off with a short welcome and opening from the Plumblink C.E.O, Seaweed McFarlane. A delectable array of starters followed shortly with the evening’s formality’s taking place before the mail course.

In the 1st of 3 speeches for the evening, McFarlane followed his introduction by firstly thanking all the suppliers for their support throughout the year. "We opened 12 new stores this financial year and our Revenue grew by just over a very respectable 20%, we could not have done it without your support. We are planning to open even more stores in South Africa as we believe we still have a long way to go before the market is saturated by us. I always thought that plumbers were easy to please but they are “quite picky” about what they need to get a job done," said McFarlane.

Gary Chandler, Commercial Director of Plumblink, took over from McFarlane and echoed the sentiments but added “that every time you find a solution to a specific customer’s problem and you solve it, you solve it for all your customers. If you fix one problem for one customer, you fix it for all, and eventually for the industry as a whole”. Chandler went on to re-iterate what was said at the same event last year, being – “listen to what we as your customers are asking for, listen and react”.

The award for Supplier of the Year was deservedly won by Copper Tubing Africa for their unwavering support, service, dedication and understanding of how Plumblink operates. The award was received by the current CEO, Mark Wynn accompanied by a short speech. Chandler also took the opportunity and paid homage to the past CEO of Copper Tubing Africa, Dave Machet and noted that although the company has a new CEO, the years of hard work, dedication and commitment shown by Machet, should not go un-noticed.

Plumblink chairman, Rod Fehrsen closed the formalities for the evening where-after the evening continued into the early hours with a great time being had by all present.

Source: Plumbing Online