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Copper Tubing Africa was awarded for their long-standing support and relationship with one of our leading clients, On Tap Plumbing and Bathrooms at the annual On Tap Indaba awards ceremony. 

The award ceremony took place on 18 September 2017, and the Managing Director from On Tap, Mr. Johan van Wyk praised CTA for the cooperation between the two companies: 

"On behalf of the On Tap team, I would like to sincerely thank you for attending our annual Indaba Awards Evening. Without your continued support and participation, these events would not be successful, nor at all possible.
We would also like to express our gratitude to CTA for awarding On Tap Border in recognition of their continued loyalty, growth, and support of the brand.
Once again, thank you for your generous support. We look forward to another year of growth and success within the On Tap Brand." said Johan van Wyk Managing Director, On Tap Plumbling and Bathrooms. 

Celeste Bramley, our National Sales Manager, attended the prestigious Awards Evening and received the award on behalf of Copper Tubing Africa. 



Introducing revolutionary antimicrobial technology: the CuPedis bathroom mat

The CuPedis Bathroom Mat, made from antimicrobial copper which is composed of several copper-alloys, is designed to be more than just an aesthetically pleasing bathroom accessory - it is flexible in its properties allowing it to be used inside and outside the shower and outside of the bath. The practical design of the mat including the fine ridges on the surface provide a safe and steady surface for the user while gently massaging the feet to ease away tensions and aches.

Ensuring all bases are covered, the contoured channels on the slats easily drain off any soap and water preventing an unpleasant build-up of soap scum as well as any structural damage to the mat which is often seen in wooden shower mats. The design and aesthetics of the CuPedis bathmat is complemented with the health benefits traditionally associated with copper.

In addition, the CuPedis Bathroom Mat is pivotal in preventing the spread of many hygiene issues across a wide range of environments (Medical, Sports Facilities and Hotels & Guest Houses). Perhaps one of the most common problems associated with foot health is athlete’s foot which can be easily treated with the use of a CuPedis Bathroom Mat, which immediately neutralises and kills fungal spores on contact.

According to Copper Tubing Africa MD, Mr. Mark Wynn “the development of CuPedis is part of our plan to promote the health benefits of copper while positioning CTA as leaders in sustainable product innovation.” He added that during its inaugural stage, the CuPedis mat was requested to be exhibited at international health shows hosted in Germany and Italy.

“The CuPedis mat also carries the international Copper Alliance certification symbol for Antimicrobial Copper giving it the necessary credibility to tap into a variety of markets including hospitals and hotels amongst others,” Wynn concluded.

In the long history of plumbing, many different materials have been used, starting with hollowed-out wood. In the era of modern indoor plumbing, the most popular material for many decades was galvanised steel, which proved more durable than any metal used before. Steel allowed indoor plumbing to become common.

But because of steel’s tendency to corrode over time, copper pipes have superseded galvanised steel as the metal of choice during the last 70 years. Though it faces competition today from plastics such as PEX, PVC, and CPVC, copper still remains a popular choice. Here’s why:

The combination of easy handling, forming and joining permits savings in installation time, material and overall costs. Long-term performance and reliability mean fewer callbacks, and that makes copper the ideal, cost-effective tubing material.



LightweightCopper tube does not require heavy equipment as threaded pipe of the same internal diameter. This means copper costs less to transport, handles more easily and, when installed, takes less space.


Because half hard copper tube can be bent, it is frequently possible to eliminate elbows and joints. Smooth bends permit the tube to follow contours and corners of almost any angle.  When used for renovation or modernization projects, much less wall and ceiling space is needed.


copper-tubing-pumbers-portal-cost-joiningt-iconEasy to join
Copper tube can be joined with capillary as well as compression fittings. These fittings save material and make smooth, neat, strong and leak-proof joints.


Copper tube will not burn or support combustion or decompose to toxic gases. Therefore, it will not carry fire through floors, walls and ceilings. Volatile organic compounds are not required for installation.



  Copper tube is manufactured to SANS 460:2011 Ed4.02 Tube standards and marked with permanent identification so you know exactly what it is and who made it. It is accepted by virtually every plumbing code.

It has excellent resistance to corrosion and scaling, high mechanical strength, high-temperature resistance and lifetime resistance to UV degradation. Copper assures long, trouble-free service, which translates to satisfied customers and systems that last.


copper-tubing-pumbers-portal-cost-recycle-iconCopper is 100% recyclable
Copper stands alone as an engineering material that can be recycled over and over without degradation in content or properties. This combined with copper's proven durability means that no copper used in a building today needs to enter a landfill later.


copper-tubing-pumbers-portal-cost-medical-iconHealth Benefits 
Since copper is used for all kinds of plumbing purposes, including pipes for drinking water, it is absolutely essential to determine whether they are also a healthier choice. Copper has long been known for its algicidal and fungicidal properties. There is already evidence, which suggests that substantially "all copper", systems tend to be free from the bacterium, which causes Legionnaires disease. Copper and its alloys naturally inhibit the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms since they are bacteriostatic. Their non-porous nature also makes it resistant to insecticides and other external pollutants. It also reduces the risk of lead poisoning.



Copper Tubing Africa is pleased to be sponsoring the San Salvador Home, in this year’s Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge, taking place on Sunday, 15 November.

This massive sporting feat encourages all cyclists to Ride for a Purpose and make a difference. This campaign has proven to provide an incomparable platform for cyclists to create awareness about personal causes that are close to their hearts - which is why we have partnered with the San Salvador Home to not only raise funds, but awareness for persons with intellectual disabilities.

San Salvador is home to 60 intellectually disabled women over the age of 18 years, offering them a protecting facility where they are encouraged to reach their full potential. The home creates a kind, caring environment where people are encouraged to overcome their disabilities with awe-inspiring courage and fortitude.

We are looking forward to having our riders churn up the tracks and kicking up some dust, while making it worthwhile for the awesome women at San Salvador.




Copper Tubing Africa understands that having the confidence to be able to specify and install copper tube products is an essential part of a plumber’s day-to-day job, and therefore, we are pleased to be offering a FREE plumbers training course, designed to equip plumbing professionals with extensive skills for domestic applications.


Why should you attend?

Whether you are a novice plumber just getting started, an experienced plumber looking to improve or already working in the Plumbing industry, we believe CTA’s training will be of immense value to you.


Our training programme consists of three stages:


  • BASIC: Bronze Certificate [15 mm to 35mm] course
  • INTERMEDIATE: Silver Certificate [15mm to 54mm] course
  • ADVANCED: Gold Certificate [76mm to 108mm] course

 Only upon completion of the first stage can you move to the next one, until you reach the Gold Certificate course.


Our courses use a simple step by step approach with hands-on training to ensure that professionals operating within the plumbing industries fully understand copper tubing and its uses in copper plumbing applications.


Not convinced? Here’s what some plumbing professionals, who attended our first training course, had to say:


“My highlight of the training session was learning about the soldering of copper pipes, how they must be cleaned and use of soldering wire using a plumber’s ruler” - Seetelo Simon Aukhweng

My highlight was the practical application and testing of the joint that we soldered”- Evan Jack

“This training course will give me a more professional approach to copper and joining techniques” – Steve Roos

"This course has given me the push to be more efficient and effective” – Rowland Dicks


Our next BRONZE training course takes place on 13 November in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Click here for more information for more information



Copper Tubing Africa is excited to announce the immediate availability of a new online Plumbers’ Portal – a support system designed to provide plumbers with industry-leading expertise and in-depth knowledge of our copper tubing products and their uses in plumbing applications.


This platform, which promises to help plumbers become more skilled and efficient professionals, includes technical information pertinent to best practice installations, such as selecting the right tube for the job, technical specifications, jointing techniques, pressure ratings, testing methods, etc.

In addition, users can find all they need to know about our comprehensive training courses for plumbers on this easy-to-use feature. Our training programme includes a BASIC: Bronze Certificate [15 mm to 35mm] course, INTERMEDIATE: Silver Certificate [15mm to 54mm] course and lastly, an ADVANCED: Gold Certificate [76mm to 108mm] course.

Furthermore, the Plumbers’ Portal has a ‘blog’ section, which means you can stay up to date on the latest plumbing news, key articles, industry tips and more.

Copper Tubing Africa invites you to visit the Plumbers’ Portal and welcomes any comments that could help improve the support offering further.