about copper tubing africa

Founded in 1988, Copper Tubing Africa (CTA) has become one of the leading copper tube suppliers with solid knowledge of and experience in the processes and requirements involved in copper manufacturing.

Though copper as a material has been used in a variety of applications for centuries, many don’t realise its versatility or understand the benefits it offers for many different applications, including plumbing, medical, refrigeration and more. At CTA, we understand this and we strive to produce top quality products that carry these benefits over to the end user.

At CTA, we pride ourselves on providing the best service in the market, by developing personal and long-term relationships with our clients, as well as through the provision of expert technical training, free of charge to our clients. In fact, we’re the only copper tubing manufacturer that offers product training to our clients.

CTA uses advanced techniques in order to produce drawing billets which in turn, are used in the creation of a range of end products. Today, our name has become synonymous with quality in the copper industry. We are a registered ISO9001 company and we hold the SABS mark of approval on our domestic plumbing tubing and medical grade range.

When considering copper tubing, consider this: We have an abundance of experience and technical expertise, enabling us to produce the highest grade of copper tube on the market. We are also one of only a handful of manufacturers able to produce square and rectangular profiles for the industrial market.

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