Copper Facts

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Copper is an interesting material with benefits that make it a preferred alternative to other materials. At Copper Tubing Africa, we pride ourselves on following a superior copper tube manufacturing process in order to create quality products that have all these benefits and more.


Archaeologists have recovered a portion of a water plumbing system from the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt. The copper tubing used in the system was found in serviceable condition after more than 5000 years.

Proven long-term durability.

Increase House Resale Value
Preferred by most homeowners. Copper can increase the value of a home.


Flow Rate
The internal diameter of copper tubes is larger, therefore increasing the flow rate.

Outside Fittings
Copper fittings are fitted on the outside of the tube. Most plastics and composite tube fittings are inserted into the pipe, resulting in restricted flow.

Withstands High Temperatures & Pressures
Copper tube can handle temperatures and pressures several times greater than plastic.

Ease of Use

Universally Compatible Fittings & Tube
Solder fittings and tube produced by all copper manufacturers are completely compatible.

Neat - No Sagging
Copper tube is rigid, requires fewer supports and does not sag over long runs.

Solderless glue available.

Disease Control

UV Resistant
Copper is not affected by the heat of the sun and will not release harmful chemicals or contaminants into the contents of the tubing when exposed.

Antimicrobial Properties
Scientific studies are underway to prove that copper plumbing keeps drinking water clean by reducing microbial growth.

Copper is Biostatic
Inhibits bacterial growth.

Not Permeable
Copper does not absorb organic materials. Possible contaminants cannot penetrate copper.


Copper contains most of its value when recycled. Only a fraction of the estimated 3 trillion kilograms of copper ore has been mined since copper's value was first recognised more than 10 000 years ago because of its recyclable characteristics.

Scrap has Economic Value
Copper scrap has high value for recycling.


Fire Resistant
Very fire resistant with a high melting point.

No Toxic Fumes in Fire
Copper does not give off toxic gasses when exposed to fire.

Maintains Water Pressure Even When Subjected to Flames